A bathroom, as space where people begin a day and tie it off, should be an unconstrained, comfortable rest place. Daros contains the meanings of 'love, relaxation, and health' A brand 'DAROS', which expresses a healthy and environment-friendly life in which people get along with their nearest and dearest, was born, combining 'Darling', which refers to a lover, and 'LOHAS', which means a lifestyle pursuing health and environment-friendliness. The concept of Daros is to make living space where people can feel comfortable and cozy by embodying a bathroom which is rest space and giving a feeling like water consistently flowing.


Lexon, a premium bathroom brand produced with a concept of 'only one bathroom brand for valuable customers', tells about 1% value and was produced with a concept of 'only one luxury'. Lexon provides customers with the supreme comfort and the best value and so is the best bathroom product only you can have.


Rudis is a Premium accessories brand, aim luxurious but beauty of basic.

The VIEW Brand

The View, a compound word formed from the words 'The' and 'View', has the meaning of 'a bathroom tool showing a colorful image', which matches the product's characteristics. The View is a colorful and dynamic brand which can fill customers' eyes and minds with pleasure rather than a just convenient tool to wash a body.


Cinko always think about creative space for the kitchen Today, Kitchen is part of art in house, not just a functional place. Cinko makes products for customer's creative space.


Kimwon is a brand for Vietnam market. It's based on high quality product.
We should maintain our focus on the needs of the Vietnam customer.


DIORAUM is the global brand of DAROS.
The aim is "Take the quality as the life, treat customers as the core".
Made for better life.
Manufactured and supplied professional sanitary ware DIORAUM.


DSejong is a big distributor of Daros in Vietnam. We get in Hallyu wave together.
An ability to adapt and react to new trends and changes in taste, and stay ahead of the curve.


The PLUSLINE is an unique brand that pursues Minimalism Design based on Eco-friendly theme. We are leading the culture of kitchen and bathroom by innovative technologies and designs.